The Pros And Cons Of Wolfdogs

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Wolves,One person's wildest dream, the next person's memory of a scary farytail. No matter how you feel about them they strike a wild chord in our inner beings of fascination and magnetismto our long ago wild beginnings.As the largest wild canid on the planet and a creature of immeasureable beauty maybe that iswhat attracts us to owning a Wolf 'Hybrid', more aptly of recent referred to as 'Wolfdog'. Though called a Wolf-Hyrbid, Wolfdogs start off they are not "hybrids" at all. A hybrid, is a term used when two DIFFERENT species cross. However a wolfdog on the other hand is a mating of a same species pair, as dogs have been classified as a subspecies of wolf, known as Canis lupus familiaris. Wolfdogs are not hybrids, as they are classified as the exact same subspecies as dogs Canis Lupus Familiaris, were as a Cama is a hybrid between a male dromedary camel and a female llama.Making it a cross between Lama glama and Camelus dromedarius. However though no wild animal has been created by humans, and wolf dogs being the result of humans intervention, has created a domestic animal. A domestic animal that would not survive in the wild, and would die a slow and painful death. The wolves used in the ancestry of Wolfdogs are nowhere near the wolves you see in the wild. Wolfdogs originated from fur farms or zoos and were selectively bred since the…show more content…
Saying that they are wild or confused, when in truth a wolfdog (wolf cross) is just a mutt, like a Shepsky , or Pomsky. For a general statement wolves are just big dogs, though they are more solitary and harder to work with. Yes they are a bit different but not that much that you can call them another "being". Saying a wolfdog is confused with what it is, is like stating that someone of mixed race doesn't know who they are because one parent is asian, and one is european. When in fact they are the perfect combination of both

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