Skeletal Muscle Compare And Contrast

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A comparison between these the skeletal and cardiac muscle is that they’re both known as being striated muscles. Yet some of the differences may be that the cardiac muscle distributes blood around the body and is the essential muscle which makes the heart beat, it is the tissue which is essential when it comes to the contraction of the atria and ventricles of the heart. It carries a singular ventricular myocyte, they’re involuntarily controlled by nature and the cells have a semi-spindle shape., gap junctions are found in cardiac muscles. Its under voluntary control so you can consciously control what your body does. Whereas the skeletal muscle is a tissue which is composed of groups of muscle fibres in an orderly arrangement, Each muscle fibre has a nerve ending that receives impulses from the brain and then stimulates the muscle . It is controlled by the somatic nervous system and holds cells with a cylindrical shape, it covers the whole skeleton to give the body its shape. Both muscle times are located in different parts of the body, the cardiac muscle is found attached to the heart and the skeletal muscle is found connected to the bone. The skeletal muscle has striated, multinucleated fibres and is usually attacked to a skeleton., yet the cardiac muscle has branched, uninucleated f fibres and is…show more content…
This muscle type also aids movement and these particular contractions produce heat. A specialist type of skeletal muscle named a sphincter which regulates the digestive and urinary systems; it has an organ like structure which is composed or muscle that surrounds a hollow organ; examples of this organ type will be things such as our intestines and blood

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