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Assignment no 1 MUSCULAR SYSTEM IQRA RIASAT BBS151997 DEPARTMENT OF BIO INFORMATICS AND BIO SCIENCES Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad Muscular system: Muscular system is one of the systems of the body studied in physiology. It helps in the movements. In organisms which have back bone it is controlled by the central nervous system or brain whereas some type of muscles like muscles of heart are self controlled. Muscle cells are derived by the mesoderm layer of embryonic germ cells. They may help in the movement of organs within the body or of a complete organism from one place to another place( Graaff (2002)) . Muscles are very important to perform some functions which are necessary for survival like circulation of…show more content…
Avoid foods which contain high levels of fats and should take natural foods like vegetables and fruits. To keep muscles good take regular exercises. A good exercise has 5 parts:  Warm up exercises  Stretching  Aerobic exercises  Muscle building  Exercises which slow downs (Cohen, B.J., & Taylor, J.J.(2009). Disorders of muscular system: There are some disorders or diseases of muscular system. Some of them are given below: Bursitis: Bursitis is caused by the inflammation between the bones and the skin and it is very painful because of the swelling which occurs in this disease (Cohen, B.J., & Taylor, J.J. (2009). Carpal tunnel syndrome: It is due to the disorder in the nerves and due to the swelling in the tendons. It causes defects in fingers, arms, and muscles. If it remains untreated than it may lead to damage in nerves and muscles (Cohen, B.J., & Taylor, J.J. (2009). Muscular Dystrophy: This disease is a group of genetic disorders which causes the muscles fibres to be damaged very easily. It may caused by any type of injury. Its symptoms are weakness of muscles, problems in movement and lack of coordination (Cohen, B.J., & Taylor,

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