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Muscles, we all have them in our bodies. We use them voluntarily and involuntarily. Some people choose to emphasize their muscles’ appearance more than others but this doesn’t mean their purpose has changed. We have three different types of muscles: Cardiac Muscles, Smooth Muscles, and Skeletal Muscles. All these types of muscles perform different tasks in different locations, but are guaranteed to make our daily lives easier. Why muscles? Because as an athlete you learn how important our muscles really are to our health and our performance. Even out of training, my muscles continue to keep working as I breath, walk and talk. In this report you will read and learn about muscle tissue formation and where it first begins, how and where we use…show more content…
Well the muscles first begin to develop in our mother's womb in a process known as Myogenesis. Our muscles are composed of myocytes with are muscle cells and they grow as our bodies grow from infant to adolescent. We use our muscles everywhere we go, we use them to walk and talk and even to sit down and eat. We have both voluntary and involuntary muscle movements that occur every single day. For example, whenever we walk, the movement of our muscles is voluntary meaning we do this purposely. Whenever we breathe, our diaphragm is what causes our lungs to move and this movement is involuntary meaning we don’t have to think about the diaphragm moving in order for us to breathe, it does this on its own. If we had to think of every single muscle in our bodies, our lives would be very chaotic. Our muscles are actually more important to our bodies than you probably ever thought. Like how our muscles are composed of Smooth muscle tissue, they’re work is done involuntary so we don’t even realize they’re working in our bodies. Our joints are only able to move because of our Skeletal muscle whis is also connected to tendons which allows our bones to be moved around. Our heart is composed of Cardiac muscle, only our heart has this muscle tissue for specific reason. They are all important to our lives because without them, we wouldn’t even

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