Advance Practice Nurse Interview Paper

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An advance practice nurse (APN) is, a nurse with extensive education, whether the focus is certified nurse anesthetist, nurse midwives, certified nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist. An APN is defined as a register nurse that has the expert knowledge required, the ability to make complex decisions and clinical competences for an expanded work description, whose character is formed by the context and/or the country where he/she has the right to work (Nieminen, 2011).The APN will provide preventive care to help reduce healthcare cost. The advance practice nurse shall practice within their scope of practice by applying the advance clinical competencies. The interview will focus on the competencies used in the APN role and deliver…show more content…
for her APN leadership project. R.M. as been a certified family nurse practitioner for one year and ten months, she works for a hospital in their adult and geriatric clinic. The interview as November 10, 2015 at 8 am, one hour before the clinic opened. The interview was held in R. M. office. The clinic is located on the Southside of Chicago. The clinic consisted of three nurse practitioners and a collaborating physician. There are three medical assistants and the receptionist; there is one medical assistant per provider in the office. The clinic is open Monday through Friday and every Saturday for four hours. Everyone works a weekend including the physician. The office hours are 9 am until 6pm week days and 10 until 2pm on…show more content…
The nurse advance practice nurse especially the nurse practitioner has these competencies which help guide them into a safe practice. The nurse practitioner will utilize all nine competencies and the competencies shall enhance their practice, allow them to apply their advance knowledge and skills so the practitioner can enjoy their career while benefiting and proving great quality care. The writer performed an interview to see how these competencies are applied in the everyday life of a nurse

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