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Serene beauty, glistening backwaters, pristine beaches, sprawling estates of tea, coffee and spices, emerald hills, mountains and valleys, abundant nature, rich wildlife, delicious cuisine, and ayurveda - this is only a glimpse of why Kerala is known as 'God's own country'. Heaven for backpackers from across the world, Kerala or Keralam as it was historically known as, is one of the most picturesque states in South India. One of the top destinations for monsoon getaways, Wayanad, is a district in the northeastern region of Kerala. Located at the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau, Wayanad is blessed with nature and a mega rich historical and cultural history. With archaeological evidences of the Wayanad forests been inhabited for more than…show more content…
Perched at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level, Chembra Peak is accessible by foot from the nearby Meppadi Town. The unique feature of this peak is that it is bordered with the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala in Kozhikode, Kerala while the peak itself is a part of the Wayanad Hill which is hill range in the Western Ghat. A picturesque heart-shaped lake on the way to the summit is a major tourist attraction. Soaking At The Soojipara Waterfalls Also known as Sentinal Rock Waterfall, Soojipara is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala. Also spelled as Soochipara, it means 'needle Rock' in local parlance. Located near Meppadi, it is an ideal place to visit in monsoons. Surrounded by thick evergreen deciduous forests, the waterfall is magnificent, especially in monsoon as it gushes down from a height of about 700 ft. A short 15-minutes walk needs to be taken from the parking to reach the…show more content…
It is a ideal spot for a leisure day outing with near and dear ones. The lake houses many freshwater fishes and is adorned with blue water lillies. The lake premise has a children's park, aquarium, handicraft and spices emporium, eateries, etc. Boating facility is also available. Leisure Time Rafting On The River Boating on the traditional rafts made from bamboos is a unique way to experience Wayanad. These traditional rafts are made from wild bamboos that grow in abundance in Wayanad, and fastened with coir ropes. As the raft float over the calm waters through the pleasant meadows and forests you can experience the tranquility of the surrounding landscapes and spot some beautiful birds around. Pozhuthana is spot where rafting usually happens over the Vythri River. A Dash Of Thrill With Zip Line Slicing through the air and over the lush tea estates is a thrilling experience. Zipline is available for those who dont mind being suspended mid-air, fastened by a safety harness and zipping over surreal landscapes. Pozhuthana also boasts of hosting the longest (in Wayanad) zipline rope that lets you go zipping over a verdant tea estate against a backdrop of misty hills, covering a distance of 300

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