Essay On Safety In School

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Assignment 2 Introduction The schooling experience is often characterized by risks and dangers related to transport, sport, school infrastructure, sanitation and substance abuse (Hawker, 2015 & Mahopo, 2015; SACE, 2011:11).Risks and dangers may be the result of negligence on the side of the school or the department of education, learners should be safe at school and so do teachers, a safe school is an environment where there is no source of or exposure to things that may cause injury or harm to a person, it is required that learners and teachers attend activities at the school that are free from hazards. In a primary school in Marshtown Ms. Joker was on duty one Monday morning when she noticed that the sprinkler was never put away nor was it turned off, so she warned Bheki and the other boys and told them to be careful but never asked them to play somewhere else but a few minutes later one of the boys (Bheki) was badly injured by the sprinkler, it had cut him across his skull and he was lying under it unconscious and bleeding excessively. The parents are threatening to sue the school and Ms. Joker because the boy may never fully recover from the injuries and has suffered brain damage. Action The action that caused damage was the sprinkler which is not an act by a human being. The primary action was a lack of supervision and…show more content…
Ms. Joker however was not the one who created the source of danger because the ground staff are supposed to turn it off and move it away from where the learners play early every morning but it can be argued that Ms. Joker was able to move the sprinkler too and move it away before the boys can play. Ms. Joker had control over the dangerous object which in this case was a sprinkler and should have done something about it before it caused harm to the
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