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It is common when meeting someone for the first time to ask several questions such as, “What language do you speak?”, “What is your religion?”, “What holidays do you celebrate?”, “What is your racial identification?”, “What is your ethnic identity?” (Belfield). That is because there are so many diverse cultures in the United States. But why does understanding someone’s culture matter though? It matters because, “People from different races, etc. have different life experiences that flavors their interpretation of events. These differences can bring strength to the group if it is valued and integrated into its dynamics. However, it can take time, intent and the willingness to be open-minded and non-judgmental about the value the differences…show more content…
I value people’s opinions and ideas that they have. In addition, it is important to me professionally because I want to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. My role professionally is to communicate between two different cultures. Since it is a career goal it is also important to me personally. This requires me to know not only my culture but also anyone else whom I will be interpreting for in the future. I am communicating cross culturally. That is a hard goal to attain. To be an interpreter I will have to communicate different cultural aspects such as tone of voice, emotions, and greetings with my hands not my voice. The reason this will be difficult is that every culture has different ways of talking, showing emotion to each other and greeting each other. I may not be aware that the Chinese women talking to me is not yelling at me, she is just talking to me very loudly because that is how her culture taught her to talk. If I do not realize this aspect of her culture and convey through my interpretation to the Deaf person that she is upset, the Deaf individual will be confused and I will have failed as an interpreter. That is my obstacle to being an interpreter. I cannot know every single culture and be well versed in that culture but I can become aware enough of several culture so that I can reasonably interpret for my clients. As an American, I have several advantages to help me achieve both my personal and professional goal. First, I live in a country where I am free to receive an education even though I am a girl. There are several countries like parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan where girls aren’t allowed attend school because they have to work (Sasaki). Second, I can speak and talk. The Deaf American community is a sub culture in America and while they cannot speak or hear, they can still communicate but it is more difficult. I have the advantage of being part of

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