Marlee Matlin: My Deaf Culture

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easily. Based on this example, one can notice that Marlee puts a hard work in order to inform more about the deaf culture, or American Sign Language, to the world. By performing various works related to the screen, Marlee tries to convey the deaf culture so that the hearing people would notice that there are more than hearing people are living in the world. Not that she desires a pity from anyone, but her goal is to inform and correct the deaf culture. Thus, her success of achieving a position of “deaf” actress allowed her to attain her purpose and goal. One of the interesting about Marlee Matlin is that she has numerous talents other than acting. For instance, “My Deaf Family” is her first show that is available on YouTube. This show only has one episode Pilot so far, but she is eager to produce more series out of it. The general plot of this show is to introduce the deaf people or in this case, it was the…show more content…
She does not discourage or timid from the fact that she is a deaf. Instead being a timid person, she was very positive and open from the fact that she cannot hear much. Who said that only hearing person can be an actor or an actress? Rather say, is there a standard definition of being or becoming an actor or an actress? While living in the society, many people judge each other and own himself or herself to the standard positions. In other words, they try to fit themselves to the standards so that they will not be aliened from the society. If they cannot match with the standards, they are frightened to show themselves out to the world. Marlee Matlin, however, disproved this idea. She herself was not even close with the standard definition of actress: she is a deaf. Then, people comment that she cannot act and discourage her to become an actress. Nevertheless, by a hard work, she was able to fit herself into the definition of the standard actress. There may be some people who

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