Personal Narrative: The Yellow Ball

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As the sun set in the west, my body cried out to me desperately wanting sleep, but we still had one more inning to go. Only the sound of the ball game kept me alive and ready for the hard yellow ball. Crack went the sound of the ball off the bat. The fans cheered loudly for the other team as I sprinted in from centerfield to keep the hitter from advancing. Sweat beads dripped from my forehead into my eyes and the glare of the sun made it hard to see clearly. However, that did not matter to me at the moment. I squinted and blinked into the infield as the pitcher swung her arm back and released the ball with a thud in the catcher’s mitt. The umpire's grunt told me we had three outs. My team led five to three, making the bottom half of…show more content…
Finally, having my third at bat, I felt determined to not strike out this time. I felt pressured and a little shaky. We had a girl on first base and two outs; my coach gave her the steal sign and me the fake bunt to distract the catcher from throwing her out at second base. I gave a couple practice swings outside the box, took a deep breath, and stepped in to see what I could do. The pitcher went through her motions and released the ball two seconds after I showed my fake bunt. The runner on first took off the second the pitcher released the ball, and slid into second base, but I could not distract the catcher enough because she still threw the ball. Apparently, even though the umpire called the runner out, she was actually safe because the ball never even touched her. That made three outs, but I still got to finish my bat next…show more content…
Since the other team got up to bat first, they got to put a girl on second base to help score runs, which we could do too when we got up to bat. Someone hit a grounder to our second baseman, who fumbled the ball and the runner advanced to third. We got the out at first base making the second out of the inning. The other team in scoring position, and no runs on the board yet, made us all a bit nervous. The girl hit a fly ball to centerfield, which the centerfielder caught, but it fell out. I came hurtling over and picked the ball up to throw to third not thinking. Everyone yelled "4! 4!" so I had to change directions to home base, which made my throw weak. The girl on third base scored, which made us down by one. Keeping our heads high, and burying our mistakes in the past, we moved on. Another girl scored, and that left us behind by two points. At last we got three outs and ran into the dugout to plan our

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