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1987 Gallaudet University the true fight for the deaf community began. The students and deaf community of the all deaf University fought so that they could get a deaf president for the University so that they would have a leader who understood and would help them reach there dreams and understand what they have to overcome in order to make there dreams come true. They were now on the 7th president of the University and still had yet to have a deaf president and they had made it very clear they wanted one, so when a hearing lady was elected the week long riots started and at the end of a very long protest, finally they went back on there decision and appointed a deaf President of Gallaudet University. This even is call deaf president now and this is when the blind really started to take charge of there own destiny and have a say in the world.…show more content…
They a NFB is simply giving the blind a community all the resources they need to be successful and really be able to see there dreams come true. The NBF is not just for people who where born blind and have been struggling with this their entire life but for all people losing their vision. The unlimited mission of the NFB is to be able to be the “advocates for the blind Ohioans who are not receiving services, or who have face discrimination.” The NBF offers 14 different programs to people anything from trying to restore vision to learning how to deal with it and overcome the challenges that people have to face. The thing about the programs if they have certain eligibility requirements you must reach in order to

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