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St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton St Elizabeth Ann Seaton was born in New York, New York on august 28th 1774. Growing up Elizabeth often had a quiet, simple and lonely life. As she got older the bible became her support and comfort. Elizabeth would continue to love the scripture teachings for the rest of her life. Elizabeth married William Seaton in 1794 at the age of twenty. The first few years of their marriage were very happy and prosperous. But, that moment of happiness soon faded when Williams’s father died and left Elizabeth and William to take care of the family business and seven half brothers and sisters. As if seven kids and a family business wasn’t enough, Williams’s health started to fail, as did the family business. William was eventually forced to sign a petition…show more content…
The doctors suggested that Elizabeth take a trip overseas to help Williams’s health. Elizabeth decided to take a trip to Italy to visit friends. To pay for the trip Elizabeth sold the last of her possessions. Sadly the trip didn’t help and William died when they arrived. Elizabeth started to realize that all of her loved ones were either dying or leaving. Elizabeth’s deep concern for the spiritual welfare of her family and friends eventually led her into the Catholic Church. Finally in 1805 at the age of thirty one Elizabeth joined the church. After joining the catholic faith Elizabeth worked to start a sisterhood with two other women. They eventually open the first free catholic school in America. On March twenty fifth 1809 Elizabeth Seaton became part the convent pronouncing her vows of poverty, Chasity, and obedience. She was known from then on as mother Seaton. By the time Mother Seaton entered the convent she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. This did not stop her from guiding her children in the faith or give up on the sister

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