Lord Of The Flies Power Quotes

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"The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering"(Golding 209). In Lord of the Flies by William Golding the boys express their evil with the coming of their hunger for power. It shows how a group of English boys from boarding school struggle through this period of their life hunting, building shelter and waiting to be rescued after their plane crashed on a vacant island. The human nature of evil can control the actions and reactions of society. In this state of fear and survival, Golding uses many stylistic devices to represent that evil comes from within human beings. In the beginning of the Lord of the flies William Golding uses symbolism little by little to start to show the important accessories, which started to show how evil did not come from society. Hunger for power was shown multiple times throughout the book which showed that the evil…show more content…
" I ought to be chief" said Jack with simple arrogance, " because I'm chorister and head boy." "I can sing C sharp," (Golding 33). Showing simple arrogance is how Jack expresses his hunger for power. In this quote Jack is voicing the amount of power he has, but if he does become chief he will display and coach the boys on hunting which will start thebeginning of evil. Ralph portrays his power towards piggy. In the exposition Ralph was arrogant towards Piggy, this did show some part of the evil Ralph had but it went away as Piggy got close and helpful to him. Symbolism was how Golding started off, we symbolized the conch, Piggy’s glasses, and the fire. He used symbolism to show how the conch was apart of the boys civilized life. The conch was there to help represent that all the boys had equal say as long as they used the conch to
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