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“Show me Yours” by Richard Van Camp narrates the promising and apparent upturned in life experienced by Richard, a middle-aged man who at the beginning has experienced a nadir in his life caused by addiction issues and harmful friendships. After a bad night, by mere randomness, he decides to glue a found baby picture of him to his grandparent saint’s necklace and wears it under his shirt. Abruptly, the baby picture necklace becomes a trend in his community and seems to encourage care and positivism around the participants of the furor. Richard, who starts experiencing acceptance and recognition around the locality also reunites with an old love, Shawna, with whom he spends the night and appears to bring more hope to Richard’s situation. At the end, the question about Shawna’s position in the relationship, and Richard’s future remains open. The story’s central idea reveals how strong can a positive environment or caring community around an individual, regardless of his actual condition, affect his conduct towards a favorable and stable life track. The story also…show more content…
By the form in which he relates to them, he seems to know them since time ago, therefore, he has people outside the addiction matter that seem to care about him, or at least that are involved in his life in a beneficial way. Henry and Franky are stereotyped characters that serve to prove the impact of the baby necklace on people’s empathy towards Richard, their change from oppressors to apparent friends also enforces the main idea. Finally, the unnamed people in the community that reach Richard to share comments on each other’s necklaces are important, even though they only participate through one dialogue lines, their overall repercussion is the same as his friends and Shawna: they move the story to feel

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