Reflective Essay On Personal Interaction

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Personal interactions are something that we deal with every single day, whether it’s one that we enjoy or one we dislike. This assignment had pushed me to have an interaction with a person that I trusted to be able to dig deep into a conversation over 4 questions. This conversation was fun for me because it got me to talk with this person pretty much about us, what have in common, differences, etc. it was nice to be able to have a conversation of such depth I felt like it created somewhat of a better connection between us. The first question that me and my significant other discussed was the questions one of option 3 which pertained to what similarities we had to each other. The first one that came to mind for us was an easier one to talk…show more content…
We had problems finding a topic to get rolling on like we did with religion. I tried my hardest to make this more of a conversation than an interview, so I was just asking these questions one time when we were hanging out which raised suspicion, but she went with it. Gender was the topic where we ended up focusing on, I wanted to hear what her thoughts about gender differences were. I wondered if she had ever felt like she was oppressed as a woman or if she felt men had the superior status in society. But before she elaborated I had to tell her a story which I thought the persons reaction was outrageous. I was holding a door for a girl outside the caf, as I was raised to ho hold the door for anyone not only women. This girl yelled at me calling me a pig and a sexist. I wanted to hear her response to that and she believed that what that girl did was ridiculous as well, she said men are raised to hold doors for not only women but men too. She seemed to not have feminist views at all and believed that people were treated equal for the most part. She mentioned a few things like how men make more money for the same job but said that was the thing our country was based on and didn’t find herself beat up about the topic. She said in the old days it was always the man working and the women tending to the children, but in todays society that is something that people cant do in some situations it is important that both the man and the women

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