Should Soccer Be Allowed In School

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We all know those few people that do not prefer to run in the beginning of physical education. One way students can have fun and still run is by playing soccer. Most boys like to compete with the other people in their class, so why not make the running in the beginning of your class competitive? I think schools should add soccer to their list of activities. Soccer has many benefits to playing the sport. "The aerobic fitness demands of soccer increase the ability of the heart to pump blood to the muscles and helps clear the build-up of plaque inside the arteries, which is a sign of cardiovascular disease," said Sean Hayes. Soccer will help increase their lung capacity and improve their cardiovascular health. Soccer is a great way to stay active and be around friends. Most people hang around with their friends most of the time when they are not in school. It goes the same way in school too. Another benefit of adding soccer is that it teaches coordination. One of the big…show more content…
I think they should add soccer because it is a popular sport. On an original black and white soccer ball, there are 32 panels for the countries of Europe. There are quite a few people that play video games. FIFA was ranked second most popular video game in the world behind Madden. If people start to enjoy the sport in school, then they might start to socialize more often outside of school by playing soccer. Many people think of soccer as too much running, and they always have to run to the ball. However, if they learn the touches of the ball and can pass directly to the target you want, participants will not have as much running to do. If students start to play the sport outside of school, they can boost their own self-confidence, which might lead to better grades. The fantastic thing about soccer is that the students only need a small space to play and a

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