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Imagine, you are sitting on the cold bleachers with about one hundred other people. You are sitting and shivering frigidly in the cold with nothing but hope and pride. Football season is ending, and at your school, your football team has made it to the championships. Your school has won the championships in the last ten years in a row. The current score is 30 to 33, you are currently in the lead. After both the teams huddle up, they line up at the line of scrimmage. Everybody is set in line and ready to start and finish in the last 20 seconds of the game. The center, number 45, snaps the ball to the quarterback, number 11. The the quarterback attempts to throw the ball to the wide receiver, but it did not go as planned. Number 26, on the other…show more content…
That is it, number 26 scored. The score now 36 to 33, your team has lost not only the championships, but their winning streak of ten years. As number 26 takes off the helmet to celebrate, you are astounded. It is a girl! As you can tell, this is something that is not common. You do not commonly see girls playing on boys’ sports teams. This is because not all girls have this opportunity to do this. This is not allowed in some schools or sometimes even towns. But say if number 26 was not on the team, would your team have not won the whole thing? Girls should be allowed to play with boys. They should be allowed because, one reason is not every sport has a girls team available. Also women do not get paid as much as men do so if they were on the same team it would be an equal amount of pay. Another reason is because women can be very helpful assists to men's…show more content…
Well, from a professional point of view, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, they say, “There were more than 1,500 girls playing on boys football teams that year (2013), and the trend was growing with a 17 percent uptick since 2009.” This quote of authority proves that more and more girls every year grow in the longing to play football. But unfortunately, it is every rare that high schools have a girls football team. So that only leaves women with one choice, but to only join with a boys football team if they are willing to play football. ESPN news article also states, “Girls continue to simply have less access. Where as high schools in 31 states had enough roster slots for at least 50 percent of the boys enrolled, high schools in only 18 states had that many roster slots for girls.” This shows that more girls are getting less of the opportunity to play the sport that they love. And who knows, they could probably be one of the greats. Earn a gold medal in the Olympics, win the championships. Yet, we are holding them back. They are getting held back from their true potentials. We need to let girls play on boys

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