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Outcasts United Book Review The book, Outcasts United, written by Warren St. John, is about a refugee soccer team that changes the perspective of a small town in Georgia. Up until the 1900s, Clarkston was your average town, until it became a designated refugee settlement location. Going from a town with mostly white Americans, it soon was filled with different people from Liberia, Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan to name a few. A culture shock was suddenly a real thing for the Clarkston people. The streets were filled with kids from all backgrounds playing soccer, women wearing the hijab, and different smells. Luma Mufleh, a Jordanian woman who founded the youth soccer team to try and get the refugee kids to be safe and get involved in something that was widely enjoyed by kids. Warren St. John observes the lives of the boys and documents the change in the community after this soccer team was developed, while the town…show more content…
Personally, moving as a kid has made me realize what more there is in life and in different states. The south is so much more different from the north and the midwest. People in the north are a lot more welcoming to new ideas opposed to the south where there are set “rules” and that is what everyone will go by. I agree with the fact that refugees should be allowed in a town, but I do think that there could be a way to not overwhelm the town so much. A better way that could work is if the refugees were split into a few towns that are close by each other, so that the population is spread out a bit more. Looking in from the outside on this situation is different than actually imagining what it would be like for so many people to come into my town at once. In my hometown in Iowa, I know that there would not be that much room for so many people. As far as expansion, there are places to go; like cornfields or empty fields, but that is not the case for all

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