Fisher's Choices And Consequences Of Paul Fisher

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Do you know anyone that has had an opportunity given or taken from them? In Edward Bloor's novel Tangerine, Mrs.Fisher's choices and consequences affect the development of Paul Fisher by both giving and taking away \opportunities that Paul has. The fisher family moved from Houston, Texas to Tangerine County. Paul Fisher was a goalie for his soccer team back in Houston but when they move to Tangerine that all gets taken from him when Mrs. Fisher chooses to please herself without thinking of the consequences that could follow. In this essay you will learn how Mrs.fisher's choices affect Paul in many positive and negative ways. Mrs.Fisher's choice to fill out an IEP for Paul at Lake Windsor Downs affected Paul because he wasn't allowed to play…show more content…
fisher's choice to not tell Paul what really happened to his eyes affected Paul because he had been telling everyone a lie since he was 5 for most of his life. The book states,“ Mom spoke with her eyes closed, as if she weren't really there, as if she were coming in over the radio. “I was so terrified that you would be blind. But the news wasn't all bad. They told me that your eyes would heal, slowly.” Her eyes opened, but her voice started to fade away. “ They told me that you might lose your peripheral vision. Or you might not. But you would not be blind. That was the good news.” Then mom started to cry. With her face still frozen, like a statue, she started to cry. I lowered my voice and said to her, “Let me ask you one thing, Mom. When you got home from the hospital that day, did you see the white paint on Eriks hands?” She didn't hesitate. “Yes.” “ Did you know what happened?” “yes.” (pg.265). This affected Paul because he never really knew what happened to his eyes, so he believed what he was told, that he looked at a solar eclipse to long. This also affected Paul because he had to lie to his friends without knowing. Lastly this affected Paul because he got so many nicknames that were about his eyes that weren't

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