Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Essay

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With their peers committing crimes that are dismissed, many adolescents are starting to violate the law, knowing they will not be punished. The FBI arrests 33,000+ minors nearly every year for offenses (Khan 1). Why should we allow thousands of criminals to walk freely without shame? Juveniles who are guilty of a serious crime should be tried as adults, whether the crime was intentional or accidental. Based on several sources, it is clear that many negative outcomes could occur if juveniles are not tried as adults. Children are capable of inhumane behavior that would prevent us from living in a safer society. For instance, a 13 year-old boy, Lionel Tate, was convicted of first-degree murder and now faces life in prison after he killed a 6…show more content…
For example, although the juvenile justice system was created for offenders of minor crimes, "[the] youth today are taking advantage of this lenient and outdated system and are committing violent crimes because they believe they will get off easy" (Estudillo 1). If given a lenient punishment, adolescents can be indifferent to change their ways. They may continue to violate laws with the mindset that they will get away with the crime. They will not learn from their mistakes and continue to repeat their actions. However, if a child is tried as an adult, they may be deterred from committing another crime. For instance, children may continue to violate laws because “juvenile courts focus on rehabilitation, unlike adult jails and prisons, where criminals are subject to incarceration and much harsher sentences” (Khan 1). The focus of juvenile courts is rehabilitation, while the focus of the adult courts is on punishment. Punishment allows children to be aware of their actions as a “wake up call.” It is essential for children to realize all actions carry a consequence. In order for children to make vital adjustments in their life, retribution is

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