Inequalities In Persepolis

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Political Inequalities in Persepolis Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, is a story of great sorrows but we get the chance to experience some of the issues that this little child had to go through. In this memoir there are countless issues that are brought up mostly having to do with the inequalities that many had to deal with. Focusing more on the political and social aspects of the issues at hand during their time. In this story we get the chance to see all of these problems arise and how a child handles them, how a child lives in constant danger and still takes the risk to be herself, to be unique in a way that sets her back even further in the eyes of man. Throughout the entire memoir we get the chance to see the major differences in the social classes and the political stand points. In Marjanes' point of view she sees the social classes as unfair and superfluous to the citizens, to the poor and to the middle class also. She tells us, in her humorous view on things that her caretaker…show more content…
These demonstrations were a start for the people, it was a way for them to let out some of the feelings they had towards the government and the authority. These demonstrations were the only way some of the people could successfully release their opinions and to show their resentment towards the 'man'. Marjane connected to these demonstrations only because of her parents. Her parents were very involved in them to a pint where there were many photographs taken and one of them was her mother and the mom got so scared she changed her look so the fundamentalist groups wouldn't recognize her. These people, these citizens were so afraid of their government, but they still went ahead and did these demonstrations to show they were brave but were still willing to follow the unintelligent rules set by their

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