Twelve Tables: Basis Of Roman Law

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Do you think the laws that we have today are fair? The ones that state what happens to us if we do something wrong? The ones that we have to follow to have a good community? For a little while, until about 450 BCE, in Rome they weren’t really that fair. That’s until they made the Twelve Tables. They are seen as a milestone in history. The Twelve Tables is what I’ve been researching, so that’s what is going to be shared and hopefully you learn some new information. The Twelve Tables are the basis of Roman law. The Twelve Tables were created because Patricians made laws to fit their own needs. Also, to protect the civil rights for both classes. They were crazy rules that said that plebeians can’t walk on this side of the street, or can’t look at them at this time, or some other crazy stuff. It upset the plebeians because they knew that they couldn’t do that, make laws for everyone. So, the plebeians kept demanding that they make legal, permanent laws. When they finally did, they had a commission of 10 men to make a “code of law”. They were for both plebeians and patricians and it was everyone’s duty to know and obey them. At first, in 450 BCE, there was only the first ten Tables. But, over the years the plebeians found them unfair, so they made them add more or they would start…show more content…
They were getting angry because there weren’t laws that helped them, but helped the patricians and they wanted that. After demanding, begging, and finally having a rebellion, the patricians finally decided to make the Twelve Tables. After that, Rome was set and everyone followed the main, final rules. That made Rome run smoothly, in that area at least. The Twelve Tables stayed that way until, once again the Roman Empire fell. So, throughout the Roman time the Plebeians were the reason for the creation of the Twelve Tables, and that made the Plebeians

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