Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Rapists, murderers, and other criminals have been released from jail everyday only serving a short period of time. Who are these people? They are juveniles. The courts believe that children who commit violent crimes under the age of 18 should get a second chance. Does one or two years younger than 18 make much of a difference? Should they not be tried as adults? There are many cases of children committing violent crimes. These cases show why teens should be prosecuted as adults. Teens between the age of 13-18 know the difference between right and wrong. These people who commit violent crimes should be prosecuted as adults. Some say to stop prosecuting them as adults, but others say to prosecute them as adults. They should be tried as adults when they commit adult crimes. And with so many crimes going on, who should be protected, the youths. If adolescents were tried as adults the number of crime would decrease. And if they are committing adult crimes should they not be tried as adults. And when they see that they…show more content…
Erin Caffey, a girl who wanted to go out with James Wilkinson but her parents said no. In March 2008, Caffey’s boyfriend and his buddy, Waid, attacked the family in the morning. Her mother was killed and her father was maimed badly. Her two brothers were murdered in a horrible way. After they had killed everyone in the family they sent the house on fire. This occurred because the parents did not want their daughter dating James Wilkinson. We know kids these days love using their Iphones and Ipods but what this 15 year old girl did was unspeakable. Her father took away her phone because she didn't listen to him. She got a hunting arrow and attacked her father. He was badly injured in the torso. She didn't even let him call 911, instead he had to crawl to their neighbors house. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg. This is why children should be prosecuted as

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