The Struggle Between Right And Wrong In Barn Burning And A & P

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The Struggles Between Right & Wrong What is right and what is wrong? And how do the characters in “Barn Burning”, “The Lottery”, and “A&P” deal with the issues at hand? The correlation between the three short stories varies in certain aspects. When it comes to dealing with a situation they know that is wrong, it is their choices that create the outcome of the story. To begin with, in “Barn Burning” young 10 year old Sarty knows his father is a barn burner. Throughout the story he struggles with wanting to do what is right by telling the truth, but at the same time he still feels pressured to remain loyal to his father and tell lies. Sarty wishes to live by making his own choices but he is unable to do so while his father is around. In comparison, Sammy from “A&P” knows exactly what his manager did wrong. But, Sammy doesn’t have strong blood ties or filial ties to his manager like Sarty does with his father. So when Sammy sees his…show more content…
After Sarty ousted his father to Major de Spain he was on the run. Sarty kept running even after his father was shot. The following morning Sarty wakes up in the woods after coming to terms with the situation. He is now free of his father’s control and from then on he never once turned back. Free to make his own choices he looked on to the future. In Sammy’s case though he felt his manager was wrong he couldn’t help but feel that the weight of the world now rested upon his shoulders after quitting. And lastly, the outcome for Mrs. Hutchinson was to be expected. Her friends and family became her worst enemy in a very short time frame. Other than herself no one else complained or tried to protect her. She was stoned and whether or not she lives is left a mystery. The whole ordeal could have been avoided. If the villagers truly felt that it was wrong then they should’ve opted out of participating in the event, to just not show up or speak up about

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