Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Caylynn Fischbach Mr. Barker U.S. Government 11.04.15 Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults? Should juveniles be tried as adults in court? Juveniles should be tried as adults depending on the crime that they commit. Everyone should know that committing a crime is wrong, but they do it anyway! Stating this juveniles definitely should be tried as adults. Depending on the current age of the child, as well as the severity of the crime they have committed is what should truly determine whether they are going to be put in a courtroom with the consequences of an being an “adult”. Regarding the situation a juvenile may come into, I deeply believe that a juvenile that is at and or above the age of 17 should be tried as an adult regarding any circumstance with the law. The legal age in Missouri for being tried as an adult is 17 years of age.…show more content…
The trials of adulthood should be broad yet strict as for what teens should be prepared to face. There should be no gray line between what they can get away with and what they can’t, committing the crime as a juvenile at or above the age of 17 should have the full extent of the judicial power that any adult would have to face. This statement shows that how the juvenile court subjects minors “It is believed that the juvenile court has been established with the age factor in mind rather than focusing on the crime factor” (Rujuta Borkar). It is also argued that juvenile courts do not aim to punish minors, but are to help put them in place , guide, and treat them for adulthood. Also many people believe that the age limit of 18 is quite high to be tried as an adult, because at this age the child is a adult. The children who are 17 and older tend to fall into the category of being an adult do fall into the range of being tried as an adult in most of the courts that the United States

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