Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Essay

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When a child has been traumatized in his/her life, the mind is younger than the body. Which can cause the child to commit heinous crimes. Some think juveniles shouldn’t be tried as adults because they won’t get the kind of help they need in a prison. The juvenile may also have poor brain also causing them be classified as a “menace to society”. Many agree with juveniles being sentenced to life in prison for a crime they could be rehabilitated for. Most disagree with those opinions but also have their own thoughts about this argument. More than 30% of death row juvenile had experienced six or more distinct areas of childhood trauma with an overall average of four such experiences per offender. Most adolescent boys and girls do not face even one of these defined areas of difficulty. When a child is traumatized at a young age, it reflects on the child’s future. If the child is sent to prison or DJJ, he/she won’t receive they would need. Some think that sending them to prisons would be the thing for them, but in all actuality it really wouldn’t be, because if he/she gets out of…show more content…
The last part of the brain to develop, which means that even as they become fully capable in other areas, adolescents cannot reason as well as adults. Particularly in the frontal lobes, has been shown to correlate with measures of cognitive functioning. “One of the things that teenagers seem to do is to respond more strongly with gut response than they do with evaluating the consequences of what they’re doing. “Just because they’re physically mature, they may not appreciate the consequences or weigh information the same was as adults do”. Due the process it also includes self-absorption, need for privacy, mood swings, unique dress, and escapism, such as video games, music, and talking on the phone. Risk behaviors such as drug use and sexual

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