Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults Essay

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“‘In all likelihood, a large number of juveniles being tried as adults are not competent to stand trial’” (Krikorian 39). Based on many articles read and used in this paper, people have been debating whether or not to give teenage criminal offenders long term sentences for committing serious crimes. Even though some people, including teenagers, are often involved in criminal activity, teens are known for making irrational choices. This brings us to the topic of deciding: throw them in prison for life, or let them go because “they are just kids and they have their whole life ahead of them”. What do I think? I’m undecided. I don’t believe juveniles should be sentenced to life in prison for committing an “adult crime”, and at the same time,…show more content…
The question still remains: Should the adolescents that committed the crime get the adult sentence, or let them free? Let me tell you, people these days don’t know about grey. It’s either a lifetime in prison, or nothing at all. Where I stand at this point in this argument, is on the side where it’s a combination of one an other. Teens know, somewhat, that they are doing wrong, (it depends on the child and what they have gone through), they know it’s their action that is to blame for this act, and they know it is right to get a punishment for what they have done. I don’t think that they should get a LIFETIME in prison, but at the same time, I certainly don’t think that any punishment is even remotely the solution either. We still have to keep in mind, they still are kids, according to what the lawmakers think, apparently. My solution is this: Stay true to your word; don’t make laws to break them, have a juvenile court system. Have offenders from a certain age come there to get sentenced for their crimes. This way, everything is fair, nobody’s feelings get hurt, and no more laws and rules being broken. See? It’s a win-win here, and the juveniles get the punishment they

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