The Book Thief

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Who is the Book Criminal? The Australian Writer Markus Zusak’s fifth novel, “the Book Thief” won the national Jewish Book Award. Zusak who started his career as an effective writer of young adult fiction, however for his fifth novel, he set out to relate the encounter of his parents growing up amid World War II. The story is around a young girl named Liesel Meminger, who lived in Germany. In 1939 while traveling Liesel sibling Werner passed away on the train. At his burial Service, Liesel got a book “the Gravedigger’s handbook”. She doesn’t know how to read yet she stole the book and brought is with her. Liesel moved to Molching to live with a Foster Family. Her foster parents were Hans Hubermann and Rosa Hubermann. The Hubermann had two biological…show more content…
Every night Hans Hubermann would teach Liesel how to read books. At a Book burning, the mayor’s wife Ilsa Hermann seen Liesel taking book from the burning. Leisel who would go to the mayor’s house to deliver their washing was invited by Ilsa Hermann to read in her library. Hans Hubermann keeping a promise to his old friend who spared his life, welcomes a Jew named Max Vadenberg into his home. Max agrees to hide in the basement of the Hubermann’s. Liesel and Max turned out to be good friends, Liesel would tell Max about the weather and Max writes stories about their friendship. Max leaves on the fear of getting caught. Hans is drafted into the military during the war. Liesel sees Max during a marched towards Dachau. In this time she loses hope and starts to despise words, but Ilsa urges to write her story. Liesel writes on the evening of October 7 in the Hubermann’s basement. Where she survives an air strike that kills her family, Rudy and other people on her…show more content…
Then she meet a Jew, Max who hides from the Nazis in the basement of the Hubermann. The narrator presented her as “the Book thief” (?????????). Liesel survived the air raid while huge numbers of those whom she cherishes were gone as an aftermath of the World War II. She take in the force of words to impact people to inspiration humans to act towards good and evil as she sees the act of beauty and brutality of humans. (Round??????). Liesel’s foster father is Hans Hubermann. Some facts about Hans Hubermann, “He loved to smoke. And the main thing he enjoyed about smoking was the rolling. He was a painter by trade and played the piano accordion”. Erik Vadenberg who saved Hans life during the World War I. Keep his promise to his good friend by helping Erik’s son Max from the Nazis. Hans’s imprudent generosity that gets him in trouble. He was assigned to serve in a risky air attack recovery unit. Luckily he survive and sent home cause of his broken leg. However at the end of the day kicks the unnoticeable all around attack that hits Molching and killed him. (characterization). Max Vadenburg, the son of Eric Vadenburg who saved

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