Earthlings Vs Ularia Research Paper

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Ularians vs. Earthlings On earth people can be distinguished by ones race, job, or even by ones traditions. We plan our life around our culture, this is no different on the planet of Ularia. The differences and similarities can be compared by the race, work life, and traditions of Ularians and Earthlings. In all of ularia there is one race, ularian. The skin of every ularian is bright white. On earth most anthropologists recognize three basic races with as many as thirty sub groups (the major 1). Earthlings and Ularians both can have many shades of hair and eye color, but Ularians grown a wide range of gemstones from their head. The height of Ularians and Earthlings both vary for each individual. The average height of an Ularian male is seven foot five and the average female is six foot three. The average height for a male in the US is five foot ten, and the average female height is five foot four (Artmen 1). In the past race determined the jobs you were able to do on earth, on Ularia work is almost nonexistent.…show more content…
Slurvins are mindless enchanted dummies that are filled with the slime of the Ukenith snail that does whatever its master commands it to do. Earthlings have a wide range of jobs, education and skills determine the jobs that are open to you. While the undesirable jobs are left for the lower class on earth, the Ularians would just have a slurvin do that job. Unlike earth Ularia has a population that is mostly all middle to upper class, having only a small percent in the lowers class. Jobs in the artistry and tradesmen field are were most of Ularians find employment. The work that we do is shown by what kind and how many traditions we

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