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I/ Election in Texas The primary elections were held in March (2nd Tuesday) of even-numbered years to choose the party's nominee for the general election. A main flow be held in April (second Tuesday) if no candidate wins more than 50 in the percentage of the vote. The primary elections in Texas are legally closed, but in fact it is an open primary. Legally, a voter is allowed to vote in only one primary. Parties do not want nonparty members to vote in the primaries of them, since the nonparty members can vote in primaries as "spoilers" trying to elect candidates undesirable for the party's ticket to make it less likely that the party's candidate would win the election. The general election is held in November of even-for the purpose of electing…show more content…
Women are not entitled to vote in the primaries and party conventions Texas until 1918 and in the general election until 1920 (the Amendment of the Constitution nineteenth America). Gov. William Hobby called a special session of the legislature in 1919 to review the 19th Amendment was ratified as the 9th Texas State (Southern states 1) to do so. Texas also used a poll tax, the registration requirements early, and a small white to minimize the voting rights of ethnic minorities. The final rule was defeated by the US Supreme Court or by act of Congress. The registration requirement is 30 days residence for election both the state and county. The low voter of the state is partly due to low levels of education, low income, and legal barriers to voting. In 2010 only 38 percent of registered voters voted in the Texas gubernatorial election. Higher turnout in the presidential election in Texas but still lower than the national average. Some blamed the low turnout for the elections of Texas on the frequency of elections and the large number of candidates. In addition, state officials are not elected in the presidential election year; when in the elections tend to highest. Efforts to increase voter turnout has focused on voter education, allow early voting, and voter mobilization of groups and individuals. Texas not disenfranchises felons after confinement. Voters in Texas are known for their conservatism and their

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