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In the book “In a Rocket Made of Ice” there are three main beliefs and values that not only the author but also almost everyone in Cambodia share. The beliefs that are shown throughout the book are Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Each one of those beliefs has caused many different outcomes of how they treat the people. The beliefs are different in their own ways but then again they are the same in some ways. Throughout the book, we learn that Wayne is a Christian. The way that Christianity impacts Wayne is incredible, he treats the children almost like his own, he not only helps them, but goes far and beyond. Wayne tends the needs of the children at all hours, day or night “Wayne says he sleeps outdoors so he can hear the children when they cry, and manages to sleep, often uneasily, through noises less urgent.” (Gutradt 3). In chapter 19 we learn a lot about Wayne and his beliefs, not only his beliefs in Cambodia, but his home beliefs, “Wayne traces the beginning of his own spiritual journey to an incident in his childhood, in a small town in Michigan” (Gutradt…show more content…
His beliefs kept him always asking why, “and the Captain ordered the Sargent to take him away, which he did and returned a few minutes later without him, and I asked him, “Why?”. (Gutradt 112). Even when Wayne was in Vietnam he cared about the children there too, “But no one came in an hour and the child died, and when I asked, “Why?” he said, It’s none of your fucking business’”(Gutradt112). Wayne ended up leaving Vietnam because he got hurt and when he came back to Michigan he met up with other American Heroes and learned that they are more Christian like then most of the people he has known since before he was drafted into the war, “What confused me most was the fact that I could see more Christlike behavior in many of them than in most of my previous friends, who called themselves Christians.’ (Gutradt

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