Analyzing Lauren Bautista's Story 'Persephone'

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Persephone: Περσεφόνη By: Lauren Bautista Persephone is the goddess of Spring Growth and rebirth and she is the queen of the Underworld. Her story and character has interested me since I was 7 years old when I found a book about her. I think Persephone is a great Goddess and I picked her because she is very interesting and cool. Persephone’s Stories, symbols/powers, and friends/enemies are the most interesting things about her. In Persephone’s story, she is outside picking flowers for her mother, but she doesn’t know Zeus has placed a flower that would suck Persephone into the Underworld. Why? Zeus allowed Hades to be with Persephone, yet he doesn’t tell Demeter. (Zeus’s current wife and Persephone’s mom) When Persephone tries to pick a flower she gets sucked into the Underworld. Demeter hears Persephone scream and asks Helios (he drives the chariot of the sun) to tell her what happened. (Helios can see everything) When he tells Demeter, she is furious and she declares nothing on Earth shall grow until she lays eyes on her daughter again. Zeus sends Hermes (messenger of the Gods) to get Persephone back. Before Persephone goes back to the surface Hades makes Persephone eat some pomegranate seeds. when…show more content…
Persephone supposedly had only one enemy, who was Aphrodite. When Adonis (God of beauty and desire) was born Persephone was mesmerized by how he looked she couldn’t give him to Aphrodite. Which caused a feud between them. Eventually, Zeus said that for four months Adonis would be with Aphrodite and the next four months he would be with Persephone, and for the last four months Zeus would choose who got Adonis. When Adonis got bigger, both Goddess’s fell in love with him and when Adonis died (because of a wild boar sent by Ares who loved Aphrodite) both Goddess’s mourned his death. Although people are not sure whether or not Persephone loved Adonis or were just friends, they both still mourned his

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