Everett Vs Odysseus Essay

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There is a large difference between the characters that accompany Odysseus and Ulysses Everett. Odysseus is a great king that receives support from the Greek gods during his return home. Athena the goddess of purposeful battle pleads for his life from Calypso and helps him escape Poseidon. In addition, she leads him to Eumaeus, who is loyal to the King and instrumental in reclaiming the throne. Odysseus is surrounded by companions with extra ordinary powers and people that are loyal to him due to his greatness such as his son and Eumaeus. On the other hand, Everett is accompanied by criminals. Delmar is a small time thief, and Pete is also a criminal. They accompany him because he lies to them that he hid 1.3 million in a valley before he was arrested. Therefore, there is a huge difference between the companions. While Odysseus is followed by honorable companions for his greatness, Everett is followed criminals…show more content…
This is because although one is a great king and the other is a fraudulent lawyer, both of them want to escape captivity and return to their wives. Both men are driven to escape and withstand the hardship through their journey for the love of a woman. Moreover, both journeys are filled with many tribulations. There are some episodes of hardship that are recognizable from the Odyssey. Odysseus’s encounter with the Sirens is repeated in the journey of Ulysses. However, while Odysseus and his men survive the Sirens, Ulysses, Delmar and Pete are seduced and drugged. The Sirens also hand over the Pete to the police and receive the bounty. In the film, the Sirens are more human because they do not simply want to kill the men, but also have financial needs seeing as they turned in Pete for financial gain. In addition, the archery contest in Odyssey is presented as Stokes campaign dinner. While Odysseus proves himself to his wife through archery, Ulysses sings to win back his

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