Short Story: The Fallen Angel

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I gazed from the distance at Sebastian. God, was he a sight to see. His eyes held a luminescent and an aesthetic beauty to it. Heck, if my mother had seen him, she would've rambled on and on about this seductive and alluring being. It was a rare sort of beauty that would've easily mesmerised and hypnotised oneself to almost naturally have a desire to have the fallen angel look-alike exclaim sweet nothings into their ears. My breath hitched as he sauntered his way elegantly towards my direction. I swear, I could almost feel my cheeks sporting a rather unattractive colour of bright red at the presence of this God-like creature. Was he even human? Gosh, he was just so beautiful. My hands itched and lusted after his magical and almost ethereal touch. It had been two weeks since he had accidentally brushed his calloused and prepossessing hands against mine. It had been two weeks since he had spoken to me. It had been two weeks since he had made eye contact with me, and I was sick of it. His bewitching voice possessed a sound that could've been mistaken by an Angel.…show more content…
They were like no other pair of eyes that I had ever seen. It resembled the eyes of a cat's mysterious and ludicrously shady colour of green. A dreamy smile threatened to force its way, as my brain generated more and more thoughts of the sensuous and risqué
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