Compare And Contrast Lauren Kate And V C. Andrews

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There are many different generes of writing, bu the two that stand out the most to me are fastasy and gothic. Especially, the fantasy works of Lauren Kate and the gothic works of V. C. Andrews. Lauren Kate is a little like V. C. Andrews, but at the same her books are different. Miss Kate writes fantasy romance, while Miss Andrews wrote Gothic with some romance in them. Miss Kate grew up in Dallas and went to school Atlanta, but began her writing in New York. She is the well known author of Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture, and Fallen in Love. This books tell the story of a mortal girl name Lucinda and a fallen angel name Daniel who fell in love over and over again throughout time. Lucinda's and Daniel's love is cursed by another fallen angel…show more content…
C. Andrews are similar in writing because of the dark side in the stories and they both have romance in the stories as well. However they are more different than alike because of the fantasy nature of Miss Kate's books which tells of angels and mortals falling in love and that's how the angels are known as Fallen Angels throughout the story, and because of the gothic nature of Miss Andrews's books which tells the story of how a daughter felt that she should be the one married to her father and kills her mother by overdosing her and setting up her sister to be raped, by someone who was hired to work for her father, just so she could give her father a son. And the daugther is killed by tragically falling down a flight of stairs by her sister when they were scuffling in the attic when the youngest found out the truth of how her mother really died and was going to let her father know and the oldest tried to stop, but instead falls and accidently is killed. The oldest would later haunt the youngest about the child given up for adoption and that was causing the sister to change but the youngest would eventually become herself again with the help of her father and would then give birth to a

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