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HIMACHAL PRADESH : A BRIEF PROFILE The total area of Himachal Pradesh is 55,673 square kilometers having twelve administrative districts. ‘Hamirpur’ is the smallest district of the Pradesh which is having area of 1,118 sq. Kilometers (2.01%) and Lahaul & Spiti have the largest area of 13,835 sq. kilometers (24.85%). Himachal Pradesh came into being as a ‘CHIEF COMMISIONER PROVINCE’ of the Indian Union on 15th April, 1948 as a result of merger of 30 erstwhile princely states of Punjab and Shimla hills into the Indian Union. .These States were Baghat, Mandi, Madhan, Mahlog, Bhajji,Baghal, Bija, Balsen, Baghat, Bushehar, Chamba, Darkoti, Deloth-Dhadi, Kunihar, Kuthar, Mandi, Madhan, Sangri, Sirmaur, Suket,Baghal, Dhami, Kumarsain, Kunihar, Kuthar,…show more content…
Though, it has erased off large elements of backwardness. The natural resources of the state are the foundation of the state is the foundation of its economic development. Agriculture is the largest and most sector if it’s economic life. Agriculture being the largest single industry and main occupation of the people of the state. It has special place in the prosperity and development of the state. It feeds the process of development. It is also the important source of secondary income. It not only rises the income of the people but also supplies the raw material for many consumer items like edible oil, sugar, cloth etc. Maize, wheat, rice, potato and apple are the main crops of the state. In addition to above said crops ginger, pulses, vegetables, mushrooms, kuth, flax and other major cash crops of the state. Sericulture and fishnets are also the other occupation of the people in the state. Line stock also plays an important role in agricultural production and marketing of the produce. Raising of the livestock is necessary because it contributes to meet the requirements of the animal power for agricultural purposes, provides rich nutritious food in the shape of milk, meat and eggs. The farmer also adds to their existing income by sale of milk and milk products. Himachal Pradesh has also attracted lots of industrial development in the past one decade. Nalagarh, Baddi, Sansarpur Terrace and Parwanoo are the major industrial developed areas, where lots of youth of the state is working in different capacities. State has tremendous potential for hydro power generation. Hydropower generation not only fulfilling the needs of the power requirements of the industry and households of the state but also generating lots of revenue to the state. Coal dam project, Nathpa Jhakari and Bhakra dam are the major hydropower projects of the state. The state has also lot of potential for tourism. The state has tremendous

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