Charles Bukowski So You Want To Be A Writer Analysis

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Charles Bukowski wrote a poem on what it takes to be a writer, it was titled “so you want to be a writer?”. It seemed like it was meant to discourage people from pursuing a career in writing. Bukowski’s work really reflects his life. The poem “so you want to be a writer?” is one of his many real-life opinions on a subject that he turns into a poem. Charles Bukowski writes pessimistic poems, because he is a pessimistic man. Bukowski was an underground writer; his poem was based on a depraved metropolitan and downtrodden American society. Critics found his style offensive, others claimed he machismo attitude through his routine use of sex, alcohol, abuse, and violence (Gale). His writing offers no apologies for its crass style. Bukowski was born in Germany and was abused by his father; which may be why his poems often have abusive content. He traveled and tried to get his works published with no luck, he gave up on being a writer. His unsuccessful writing career in the beginning may have been what inspired the poem “so you want to be a writer?”. Bukowski ended up on a binge after this. He ended up near death, Bukowski's life changed, and he started writing again. "If a writer must sample life at its most…show more content…
This poem makes you want to prove him wrong by being a writer even if you are missing a soul that pours words. Charles says, “Libraries have yawned themselves to sleep over people like you.” Bukowski is hypocrite in this poem sine he himself took years to get noticed in the writing world and he copies some methods from other writer, this may have been what inspired him to write “so you want to be a writer?”. Charles Bukowski had a hard life growing up and his works shows it. We see from his point of view what life was like in the dark, depressing head of the pessimistic man Charles

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