Examples Of Culture In Canterbury Tales

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Culture in the 1400’s was very different than our culture today. Chaucer expresses many cultural values of his time of existence in the monks tales. Taking into account that it was the story was written in the 1400’s, some of the Cultural values he has will differ greatly and be somewhat similar in sense to our cultural. As time progresses, however, we start to see some of the cultural values they had become obsolete. You can really see my point in reading different stories from these time. In the monk’s tale, the monk tells the story of Adam. Adam was a man who committed sin by going against gods will. You can tell that in this era, Chaucer and the society he lived in was very religious. The reason he mentions this little story to show that although fortune had fallen on Adam, it should easily be taken away. Chaucer wants to let the listener know the dangers of fortune and twisted games it plays. Another infamous person from the monks tales is Lucifer. Lucifer was an angel fro heaven but was sent to rule over hell. The sins he committed were so detrimental that he got knocked down to the lowest class possible. This is a holy story and this again conveys many religious traits. In his era, people are very weary of sin. They value religion and god.…show more content…
The monk tells the story of an blind elderly man and his young wife. The wife and a different man want start relations between each other but the man forbids her from doing so and keeps her by his side the whole time. One thing leads to another and the wife and other man are kissing in a pear tree. The gods, Pluto and Proserpina are arguing about this conflict and Pluto helps the old man by giving him his eyesight back and Proserpina gives the wife a valid excuse for being in the tree. This really shows that some people still consider gods and goddesses to be a big part of their life and
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