Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Analysis

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Have you ever experienced a dream that almost seemed like a reality? In reading “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Joyce Carol Oates, shows the loss of a teenagers purity in the midst of different social movement, but has the readers questioning whether not the story is a dream or reality. Oates writes her story based off of a real serial killer in the late 1950’s and gets the readers of this intriguing story to analyze the passage. She keeps the readers guessing by her use of figurative and allegorical levels, attracting the powerful story and drawing her inquisitive audience. In this essay I will be arguing the controversial interpretation of the short story of a teen named Connie, and If she’s living a nightmare or a reality by…show more content…
Her mom seems to be jealous of Connie’s looks and praises her sister because her sister isn’t as pretty. Connie fools around with guys and has more sexual interaction with boys. Throughout the story we learn the new information the same time she does and get a feel of how she is feeling. She finds herself into some trouble with a guy named Arnold Friend who intends to rape and murder her. Throughout Connie’s experiences she starts to realize that she doesn’t recognize her house. She shares that the curtain that has not been in her house for three years suddenly appears in her house during her frightening time alongside with Arnold Friend. This suggests that Oates is alluding to the fact that this could be a nightmare due to something that is equipped in her mind that is physically impossible to magically change the appearances around her. Another case illustrated was towards the end of the story when she walks outside to her death, she notices that the scenery changes completely and the land had been altered. Imagination and your mind can paint a picture in a dream that might seem normal. But these details seem to propose that the story is unquestionably a
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