Sexuality Reflection

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Course BIO 184 For starters we all walked into room AH 106 on January 22nd around 10:30 am. And since that day I have learned many things that, even I, ended up having discussions with my friends and family about. Usually when I take a course, it’s not relevant at all to my personal life. After I take a quiz or test, I end up forgetting most of the stuff I so-called “learned.” However, in this particular course, a lot—if not all the material I have learned and have a good understanding of. Since the first day of class to now, we have gone over chapters 1-4, had a class discussion, and two guest lectures. Perspectives in Sexuality. In chapter 1 the content focused on the cultural aspects of sexuality, the history that is directly linked…show more content…
Moving into the third, “Changing Roles of Men and Women,” it’s no longer that the men must be the “bread winners,” women could now go out and work. Also, women broke the role of having to be the one to stay at home, clean and care for children, which were known as feminine roles. After WWII men wanted to have families, white picket fence house, and own yard. Men were beginning to be allowed to show emotions, and women also could express sexual desires. The fourth part of the Sexual Revolution was “New Perspectives on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.” It was becoming more and more okay to be homosexual, and transgenders were starting to receive attention and acceptance as well, in the early 70’s. People were no longer trying to “pray the gay away” and would stop sending their children away to camps. Another big factor was “Changing Interplay of Sex, Romance, Commitment, and Different Type of Families.” There were now increasingly more “Single Moms” and “Single Dads” and it wasn’t looked down on. Furthermore, people didn’t have to be in a committed relationship to have sexual contact. Casual sex wasn’t deviant, and sex outside of

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