Reflection About Sexuality

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My opinion is that my family was very typical surrounding sexuality as I was growing up. During childhood we were talked to about what proper and appropriate play with others was. This was to include being talked to about what was “bad touch” or not allowed by others. As children we were taught to be conservative and change our clothes in private. My parents themselves were private when it came to seeing others or themselves undressed. I was an unwritten rule that nudity was only acceptable when showering or changing our clothes. The overall messages of my childhood were that there were adult “movies, jokes, shows” that we were not allowed to watch because of content that was inappropriate. My parents told us that with age, we would be allowed to watch those programs because we would be more knowledgeable about what was happening in them. I feel as though this lead me to believe I was missing out on something, as a child I felt like I should be able to know what was going on. This made me eager to learn about sex and the likes when I came of age to be taught about it. When I became an adolescent, sexuality was something that my parents were very open and receptive to discussing. The programs and classes at my school taught me most of the…show more content…
It wasn’t until my exposure to other cultures and a whole lot of media that I found the answer to this inquiry. I can now say that I feel the number of sexual partners an individual has is never going to be widely accept by all. Most religions accept one partner, your spouse, as appropriate, whereas some groups of sexually explorative people say multiple partners are acceptable and warranted to be sexually healthy. I can say for myself that the amount of partners I had was specific to me and is what I found to be appropriate in leading me to the health sex life I now

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