Sexual Harassment Issues

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ISSUE: An issue that has recently come to the forefront of media and news outlets, is sexual harassment. While sexual harassment has been outlawed and legislation has been put in place to eliminate it from the workplace, it continues to plague most aspects of our lives. Sexual harassment has been studied and reviewed many times and all literature shows that sexual harassment can be found in nearly all industries, occupations, and geographical locations. BACKGROUND INFROMATION: Most sexual harassment incidents in the workplace occur between two or more parties that are internal to the organization; most predominately co-workers and supervisors, which accounts for 47% and 23% of incidents, respectively. In addition, women who work in occupations…show more content…
Psychological effects include anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, and post-traumatic stress disorder. From a job-related perspective those dealing with sexual harassment may experiences job dissatisfaction and absenteeism, which may cause an employee to resign. All these effects will lead to a loss of productivity, as employees are not motivated nor able to concentrate on the task at hand, since they are preoccupied with the situation they are in. Lacking concentration in the firefighting profession can lead to injuries not only to the victim of sexual harassment, but also to his/her co-workers, and the civilians they are assisting. To quantify the effects of lost productivity, a recent analysis of sexual harassment found that lost productivity alone cost $22, 500 US per…show more content…
The objective of the training program would be “all firefighters will be able to identify behavior classified as sexual harassment, the procedure for reporting sexual harassment claims, and the consequences of sexual harassment; which can be used to appropriately work with co-workers and civilians, in compliance with the anti-harassment policy provided by the Pearson Airport Fire Department.” The proposed training would be done off the job and led by an instructor as research has found that instructor led training produces, “significant learning results for cognitive, interpersonal, and psychomotor skills.” In addition, the training program will use different methods of learning such as role play, discussion, case studies, and behaviour modelling to teach trainees about behaviours classified as sexual harassment, the trainees role in creating a safe workplace, the consequences of sexual harassment, and the fire department’s policy on sexual

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