Essay On Wedding Traditions

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I. Wedding are one of the only traditions that is common around the world. A. Majority of us have attended a wedding of our own culture. 1. But, how familiar are we with the traditions or ritual of others? II. Similar to most people, I didn’t know much about wedding backgrounds in different parts of the world. A. However, throughout my inquiry I have learned a lot about the customs and traditions. III. Today, after doing much research, I will talk to you about all on different wedding traditions around the world. (Transition: We will travel all the way to Asia first) BODY I. Here we are in Asia! A. We will first visit China 1. According to the website, published on June 2nd, 2016 by Nancy Mattia; in the Sichuan Province, the bride…show more content…
After the custom is done, he breaks the arrows to validate that he will protect and love his wife for the rest of their lives. (Transition: Now we will travel to India!) II. Indian weddings can go on for 7 days, there are many aspects as to why. A. In a traditional Indian wedding, the bride’s sisters play a trick on the groom by stealing his shoes once he enters the wedding tent. 1. The groom must bribe the sisters to return his shoes before he exits. 2. This is also common in Pakistani and Bengali weddings as well. B. Another Indian tradition, which is actually a religious ritual of Hinduism is called Saptapadi. 1. The bride and groom walk around a pit of fire 7 times, each round has a special meaning. 2. The first round is to stay in good health and carry out their responsibilities to one another, their families, and traditions. 3. Second is to develop their spiritual and mental strength, the thirds is to increase wealth and live comfortably with what they have, and fourth is to be respectful and trust to one another. 4. The fifth round is to be blessed with a strong family and children, the sixth is to be blessed with a long life, and lastly, the seventh step is to be committed and the only partner for each
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