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As the end of senior year approaches, students have a lot to think about. There are the students who will be stressing out, the students who have it all figured out, and the students who do not even care. No matter what category one falls into, those preparing for college have a lot to take into consideration. The change from high school student to college student is a milestone in one’s life. The transition itself can be very stressful with all the applications and deadlines. Dealing with applying for colleges and scholarships is just one of several aspects to the big transition. There are many responsibilities that entering college freshmen gain, such as financial responsibility and independence. In order to be successful, students have…show more content…
The biggest responsibility change is the financial one. This looks different for almost every student. There are so many aspects of what a college student is financially responsible for. The big one is paying for college. This is where most students differ from one another. There are some students that can get almost all their college paid for from various scholarships through the school and other sources, whereas other students struggle to get even one scholarship. After scholarships and financial aid, which also varies from student to student, the student and their parents have to decide how they will pay for the rest of their college. Some students’ parents will pay for their entire college, while other students’ parents will not pay for any of it. For those students whose parents are paying for their college they don’t have to worry much about their finances regarding their schooling, but for those students paying any or all of their college that’s a lot of responsibility. Most students will have to take out loans, which is a big responsibility. Their parents might help them with this, but they can’t hold their hand to make sure those loans get paid…show more content…
Professors are not teachers. Professors will not go out of their way to help the college student; the student must go to the professor for help, rather than expect the professor to come to them. Students can prepare themselves for this during high school by simply asking their teachers for help when needed. Professors might not remind students of missing work, tell them exactly what notes to take, or give students work from days they missed. Again, these are simple tasks students can do for themselves. All it takes is practice, and that practice should happen in high school. To make the transition from high school teachers to college professors, high school students need to remember their own work, listen closely during notes to hear the key points, and ask the teacher or other classmates for absent work. Professors are not the only thing students will have to get used to in their college

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