Senior Year Research Paper

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Senior year is the most important year of my life. This is the year I apply to college and get ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. Although it may sound exciting, it can be very overwhelming and scary. My dragon, or psychological conflict, is overwhelming myself with the stresses and responsibilities senior year has in store for me. This year is very important for my and my actions will affect many things in my future. First I have to realize that i'm not a kid anymore and that next year I will be on my own in college. I need to figure out how life will be without my parents and make sure that I can adapt quickly so I do not have any issues. Then I have to start looking at colleges and start applying to them and…show more content…
Since this dragon is in my head, only I have the power to destroy it and destroying it will take a journey. Proving to my dragon that I can surpass any obstacle my senior year offers will slowly, but surely, weaken it and eventually kill it. My first obstacle will be staying on track with all the activities I'm involved already and also keeping my grades up where they should be. Overcoming this obstacle will take hard work and also the time managing skills I have learned over the years. I then will have to finish all my college applications on time, and make sure that I stay organized doing that. Researching colleges and deciding what colleges are the best for me is very time consuming I will have to push myself to find time to do this efficiently. My final obstacle will be staying confident and happy about finishing my senior year strongly. After hopefully overcoming those obstacles I will be filled with joy and confidence because I will finally destroy my dragon. Also after my senior year I will learn a lot about myself because I will know if I can really push myself and be successful or I will learn that I need to learn to work

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