Senior Citizens In The Philippines

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Elderlies World population ageing is a progressive and rapid phenomenon in the 21st century due to decline in fertility rates, lower infant mortality and increasing old age survival. United Nations refers older people or elderlies as individuals with ages 60 and over and who are experiencing decline in functional, physical and mental abilities and inclination to diseases and disabilities (UNFPA, 2012). Moreover, one in eight people in the world or 12.3% of the global population which will increase to 22% by 2050 are elderlies who have valuable contributions in the society such as volunteering, caregiving, passing of cultural traditions and conflict resolution within families and communities and are considered as vulnerable due to weak social…show more content…
Further, Braid (2015) stated that the senior citizens in the Philippines includes 3.83% of the population and will rise to 10.25% by 2025 which implies actions to address gaps in active aging through the provision of basic needs like food and medicine, geriatric services which are currently limited, quality of family life, economic independence and participation in social, spiritual, cultural and civic affairs of the community. The National Statistics Office stated that 4.3 million out of the total population of 73 million are elderly which is seen to increase to 19.6 million by 2040 (Elloso, 2013). It can be supported by the report of United Nations Population Fund (2012) who stated that senior citizen’s population will increase to 15.3% or 23.63 million by…show more content…
According to Conwell (2014), it is estimated that 6,000 individuals in their later life commit suicide which is one of the major health public concern in the United States and revealed risk factors for increased suicidal behavior such as psychiatric illness, personality traits and coping styles, medical illness, life stressors and social disconnectedness and functional impairment. It can be noted that later-life crisis is linked to the development of dysfunctional mental and psychological well-being wherein one of the triggering factors of the crisis is the occurrence of stressful life

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