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Reading Question 1: Explain what Hobbes description of the state of nature is supposed to show and why. Hobbes description of the state of nature is supposed to show that society can have a life without government, rules, or a ruler. That everyone in a society is roughly equal and no matter how strong a person may be, they can be killed by another person or a group of people (Rader, n.d.). During his time, kings and other ruling classes were above the rest of society. This got Hobbes thinking of what really justifies the existence of the king or government? He started out by imagening a world without a government or king ruling. This thinking got Hobbes in a place where everyone could have the right to everything; a full liberty for every…show more content…
This agrees with the social contract theory by people give up their rights of everything for a set of limited but guarenteed rights. They do this wiith their own self interest so they have guarenteed rights to them. Also, the social contract theory is simple, clear and scientific. This explains morality by people want what’s the best, easiest and simple way to do things. The arguments against social contract theory as the right explanation of morality is that the social contract theory doesn’t really capture what morality is all about. As stated, Hobbes thinks that morality is centered around self interest (Hobbes, n.d.). This was true at that time but the true meaning of morality is treating people a certain way based on right and wrong. For example, future generations have rights just like anyone else. However, doing what is in your self interest to possibly affect them is not showing morality because they have done nothing to cause a certain action to be done against them. Hobbs also states, if you remove yourself from society, you will not be able to be received by any society (Hobbes, n.d.). This is not true, people can do what they want to an extent and still be part of society. Morality isn’t control, it’s…show more content…
The Enlightenment is known for its political accomplishments and being known as “the age of reason” (Rader, n.d.). The Enlightenment was found to re-make the social/political world, to the true models that are found in our reason (Rader, n.d.). Prior to the Enlightenment, religion and morality were seen in the law as the same. During this time, as society, people were expected to practice the religion. In fact, people could be put to death for not following the religion but for following what they believe. These people were in union with God and the afterlife. However, during the Enlightenment people saw protestent reformation. Protestent reformation is the freedom of conscience. During this time, as a society, they were expected to follow the rules. The only way to be punished was by breaking the law, not for what you believe. The people saw happiness in the world they lived in. Happiness wasn’t only found in the afterlife. Many philosophers, such as Isaac Newton, found that social and political authority is centered souly around tradition. They said that beliefs should be justified by rational or scientific basis (Rader, n.d.). Humans have individual rights and freedoms and should be seen as politically. Understanding this way and how society should be of the natural world was problematic but not impossible. Afterall, the Enlightenment is still happening

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