Importance Of Business Process Modeling Model

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Business Process Modeling and Its Application to UML In our generation today, companies have been able to be competitive in their own fields. Systems analysts, systems designers, and systems builders have played a big role in a company’s competitiveness through the help of Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS). They made use of business process modeling to be able to show companies the things they need to do. Business process modeling is a representation that business people and IT people use to be able to show the business processes in order for the company to reach its goal (Brandenburg, n.d.). Business Process Modeling works as a process and not as a procedure (Brandenburg, n.d.). It is important to note that the improvements…show more content…
Statement of Scope depicts the significance of naming a business process within a time period (Brandenburg, n.d.). This helps in order to indicate the scope of the process. Desired Outcome is knowing the definite reason and answer on why the process is to be finished (Brandenburg, n.d.). This is same as knowing the purpose of why the process is being done and seeing the expected outcome of it. Process Flow or Activity Description is a part of the model where it states the list of roles that certain people need to do in that process (Brandenburg, n.d.). The list of roles should be followed so that the process will be executed properly. Exceptions are part of the model where it shows the limitations and weaknesses of the process (Brandenburg, n.d.). If there are limitations and weaknesses, it is necessary to make variations so that adjustments can be done. Business Rules are the rules that should be followed (Brandenburg, n.d.). Since there are times that processes get complex, it is essential to break down every step so that business rules would still be followed. Entry Criteria and Inputs guarantees all things that needed to be done are true upon the start of the process (Brandenburg, n.d.). This is required…show more content…
There are concepts where business process modeling and UML are related to each other. First, process is all about how work is done on the business (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Second, resources describe the people, information, and products that are used in a business (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Third, goals show the purpose of the business (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Finally, rules dictate how the business should be run (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). There are also business views that are associated with business process management and UML. First, the business vision view shows the problems that needs to be solved in order for the company to be able to reach its goals (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Second, the business process view tackles the interaction on different processes (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Third, the business structural view illustrates the structure of organization in the business (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). Finally, the business behavioral view examines the behavior and interaction of a process and resource in a business model (Eriksson and Penker, n.d.). These views in return would show a complete business model. A business model is used in software modeling to identify the information systems that best support the operation of the business, find correct case requirements, find security and availability requirements, act as a basis for analysis and design of

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