Cassity Vs Personality

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The two subjects I will compare and contrast are the lives of my best friend, Cassity, and my own. I will identify and explain the similarities and differences between Cassity and I, that which makes us unique. The main points I will discuss about the two of us are personality traits, personal preferences, goals, and life in general. As far as our personality traits go we differ in quite a few ways, but are also similar in some ways. Our social life is where we kind of knock heads a little bit, because Cassity is quiet and shy, while I am very outgoing. I am goal motivated, and she is more self- motivated. When I have a goal to work towards I do not let anything or anyone stand in my way. On the other hand, Cassity lets other people’s opinion…show more content…
Although, we are close to both of our families the thought of me having any children makes me cringe. I do not plan on having any kids, but if God granted me one I would be blessed. Cassity cannot wait to have children, because she absolutely loves them. I can tolerate them, while she knows what she is doing. She has even worked at a daycare in the baby room, and loved it. The thought of life seems scary to think about, but when you have someone by your side it makes it easier. The things I would want out of life is to have a successful marriage and be finically stable without having any types of trouble. I want to be a respected nurse, and know what I am doing. I would really like to be in charge since that is what I am good at. Cassity wants to settle down with a family and do nursing on the side while she takes care of her kids as her main job. She wants to be a wonderful mother who people come to for advice on what to do or how she does it. In conclusion, the comparison and contrast of Cassity’ and my life has a well-balanced friendship. The things that she enjoys are the things that I tend to not enjoy so much. Our lifestyles are perfect for each other because we get to experience different events with one another. Her negatives equal my positives, and vice versa. Having shown you the differences in our personality traits, personal preferences, our goals in life, and our life in general, I would say there is not any other person who fits being in the place of my best

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