Sexual Orientation

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Gender and Sexual Orientation in Today’s Society Tiffany Leaf General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform individuals of ethical issues occurring in the LBGT Community Central Idea: The LBGT community has ethical issues and like any other individuals they have rights as well to help protect them and keep them safe from harm. I. Introduction Our sexual orientation is who we are attracted to whether it be men, women or both. This orientation defines humans as bi-sexual, gay or lesbian. It is easy to confuse sexual orientation with gender identity. Gender identity is about who we are. It refers to one’s sense of oneself as male, female or transgender (APA, 2006) and sexual orientation is what attracts us…show more content…
They are faced with coming out, discrimination, bullying, and ethical issues/considerations such as advocacy and bias in public policy as well a psychological development and assessment for therapy. However they are still human and everyone in society should have equal rights and a safe environment even those who are of a sexual or gender minority (APA, 2012). II. Body 1. The effects of coming out to the world and how this could change an individual life. a. Being ashamed of who they are because they are afraid that they will not be accepted. b. The LBGT communities are facing discrimination and they are not a protected characteristic under current federal civil rights law (Civil Rights, 2015). c. When exposed individuals of the LGBT community become an outcast family member and have to find people in their community to count on as family (Cahill, n.d.). This can be referred to as Family of Origin and the Family of Choice 2. Efforts to Modify sexual orientation in the LGBT communities (Throckmorton, 1998). there is pathology inherent in same-sex orientations, and thus there is treatment for
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